VOP Vision of Pearls Data Privacy Statement – Jutta Schley of July 2015

Dealing carefully with personal data is very important to us. That’s why we appreciate you putting your trust in VOP Vision of Pearls – Jutta Schley handling these data carefully. With this statement you agree that VOP-Vision of Pearls – Jutta Schley (hereinafter called “VOP”) may collect, process and use your personal data listed below for the purposes mentioned here. This consent may be revoked regarding the future anytime.


1. Responsible body Responsible in accordance with the Data Protection Acts is VOP-Vision of Pearls – Jutta Schley, Am Kosttor 1, 80331 Munich, Germany. For further information you may kindly send an e-mail to info@v-o-p.com.


2. Collecting and using personal data of customers VOP will collect your personal data when the customer uses our webside our customer service or when ordering newsletters or other information for the following purposes: for carrying out orders, dispatching goods and performing services as well as for making transactions (in cases of purchase on account for required verification) as well as for communicating with the customer concerning orders, products, services and marketing offers. This also implies updating and maintaining customer data or customer accounts and to recommend products or services which may be of your interest. We use your data (which is analysed by software such as Google Analytics, Piwik, etc.) to improve our offer as well as our platform, to prevent or uncover abuse, especially fraud, or to enable third parties to carry out technological, logistical or other services on our behalf. The received data help us in arranging your wishes and ideas of the appearance of VOP and helps us improving it. We use this information as follows:

- Data you give us: We collect and store all data you enter on our website or you transfer to us in any other way, such as your name, address, telephone number, credit card information, the name of the person the purchased product is to be shipped to including address and telephone number. You can refuse to give us certain information which may lead to a non-usability of offers (services/features) or not receiving our newsletters and other services. We use these data to arrange your future shopping experience in a

more personal way, to improve our range of products and to communicate with you.

-Communication via e-mail: In order to design your e-mails in a more feasible and more interesting style we often ask for a reading confirmation of VOP mails if your computer supports this feature.- We also compare our customer data with the one from other companies to avoid sending unwanted e-mails to you - . If you don’t want to receive any e-mails from us at all, please inform us via e-mail.


3. Forwarding data to third parties Information about our customers is important for us and helps us optimise our product range. However, it is not part of our business to sell these customer data to third parties. VOP is entitled to forward the data received to third parties only within the scope described as follows:

- Service provider: Other companies and individuals can be authorised by VOP to render services within the scope of a cooperation such as package shipment, dispatching letters or e-mails, updating our customer lists, analysing our databases, advertising measures (including making search results and links available), making transactions (credit card, direct debiting and purchase on account) as well as rendering customer services. These service providers have access to personal data which are required to fulfil their tasks. However, they must not be used for other purposes. Apart from that, they are obliged to treat these data in compliance with this privacy statement and the German Data Protection Acts.

-Transferring business parts: We continuously develop our business. This means there is also the possibility to buy or sell business parts (e.g. shops). During the course of transactions customer data are usually transferred along with the part of the business to be transferred. Still, these data remain subject to the existing privacy statements (except cases in which customers explicitly agree with other regulations). In the unlikely case of VOP getting sold or essential parts of it, personal data are transferred to the buyer.

- Protecting VOP and third parties: We only will forward personal data from customers or their account if we are forced by law to do so or if forwarding data is necessary to enforce our own general terms of business (hyperlink) or other agreements or to protect our rights as well the customer rights or the ones of third parties. This implies exchanging data with companies which are specialised in the prevention and minimisation of abuse and credit card fraud. Once more we explicitly make clear that forwarding data to these companies is not done for economic purposes which would contravene this privacy statement. Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Tab after: 0.5" + Indent at: 0.5"Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Tab after: 0.5" + Indent at: 0.5"Formatted: Bullets and Numbering- We respect this agreement: In all other cases we will inform you when forwarding personal data to third parties and thus give you the possibility to agree. As far as forwarding personal data to third parties within the scope described above to countries outside the European Economic Area becomes necessary we make sure that this is done in compliance with this privacy statement and the German Data Protection Acts.


4. Revoking your agreement As far as you have agreed with the usage of your data in order to receive newsletters or other kinds of advertisement, you may revoke this statement with affect on the future at anytime. Revoking may be done either via e-mail to info@v-o-p.com , in written form through sending a note to VOP Vision of Pearls, Jutta Schley, Am Kosttor 1, 80331 Munich, Germany, or via Fax to +49-(0)89-29162684.


5. Advertisement of third parties and links to other sites Our site does not contain any advertisements of third parties and links to websites VOPis not responsible for. We do not transfer any personal data of our customers to these companies.


6. Minors and children VOP does not offer products to be sold to minors. As far as VOP offers products for children, these products can only be purchased by adults. If you are not over the age of 18 yet you may use this VOP site only together with one of your parents or legal guardians.


7. Change of data protection information VOP reserves the right to send you notes on the valid guidelines or changes within the scope of the data protection within certain periods of time. Still, you should visit our website in any case to get informed about any changes. As far as not agreed upon otherwise using all data is subject to this privacy statement. We guarantee that we make major changes to our privacy statement resulting in a weaker protection of already received customer data only after the customers in question have agreed. You may contradict these changes and demand your data to be deleted.


8. Supervisory authority for data protection in Bayern/Germany:

Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht

Promenade 27

91522 Ansbach

Telefon: 0981/53-1300

Telefax: 0981/53-5300

E-Mail: poststelle@lda.bayern.de

Homepage: www.lda.bayern.de

If there is any disagreement or in case of any problems concerning this data protection agreement the German wording is regarded as the discussion basis.